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Dark Side of the Moon Collectibles (Sample 48)
A Tribute To Pink Floyd

About this sample
I've made up the name ''Dark Side of the Moon Collectibles''.  For all I know there could be a business out there somewhere using that name.  If so, please forgive me.  This is just an example of how FreeForm can be used to assemble stylish pages more appropriate for web sites and About Me pages than for selling individual items.

This page layout pretty much pulls out all the stops with FreeForm.  I've included background sound (set in Global Features), a non-repeating background wallpaper in Text Input Area 1, the above frames capability for Text Input Areas 1 and 2, and two columned sections.  The Frame Builder was used to create the prism colors surrounding the body with colors matching those used on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon cover.

A lot can be done using the tools built into FreeForm itself and for those things not built in, Code Input Areas can be used.  Below I've used embed code from YouTube.com to display video.  As of the time of this writing eBay allows video from YouTube to be displayed even in item descriptions.  Of course, on your own web pages you can can pretty much do anything you like.  When you need help be sure to ask, I enjoy helping create layouts using FreeForm.

Rob's Laser Light Show Simulation
Inspired by the Lazerium at Griffith Park, CA
(you can turn off sound here)

I meticulously created the above animation many years ago.  Back then it appeared much larger on my 640 pixel wide screen!

If you decide to play the YouTube video embed below be sure to first turn off the background sound using the control at the bottom of the page.

When including background music in pages it's a good idea to at least allow visitors to turn it off.
Wish You
Were Here

There's No Reason Why You Can't Have Fun Too!
Although this is definitely over-the-top for a selling page, putting a little bit of yourself into your presentations can separate you from the competition.  In spite of the many changes that have occurred at eBay in recent years the general public still tends to think of eBay as THE PLACE to find bargains, collectibles, and unusual items offered by non-commercial sellers. Certainly you want to represent yourself as competent and reliable but a human touch remains important.

Service You Can Trust

Dark Side of the
Moon Collectibles

We have over XXXXXX (and growing) positive feedback's from happy customers because we sell good products, we are honest, and we stand behind our policies.

If you have any questions at all please write to us via the eBay messaging system.

Thank you for visiting!

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