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About this sample:

FreeForm's Builder'B' capability to create a two column layout is used here to display thumbnails on the left and description on the right.

Usually it's best just to show pictures in a good size to begin with rather than require shoppers to view them by clicking. When a large number of photos are required or the full sized versions need to be larger than normal then this type of arrangement is practical.

For this example the thumbnails are displayed via a feature available to hosting members that links each to a common photo album (gallery).  Rather than having to click each photo one at a time to view, the photo album makes them all available.  Super efficient for sellers to set up even to display 50 or more photos and convenient for shoppers to use.

For sellers choosing not to use hosting, FreeForm provides other ways to create click to enlarge.  The easiest to use is the one built into Picture Input Areas.  Fill in a URL for each small and large version and FreeForm takes care of the rest.

Overall this sample has been left deliberately spartan just to show using FreeForm doesn't necessarily require delving into all the fancy features. Making available good photos for shoppers to see in a well organized presentation is the foundation. If your selling style and what you are selling doesn't require anything more, then anything more could very well be overkill.

If a layout like this will be used on eBay consider assigning an overall width of 940 pixels up in Global Features to make it work well in eBay's new selling page expected to be launched early 2009.

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