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Notes: Above is an example of how you can, by use of Code Input Areas, include code from other sources within the presentations you create using FreeForm.  In this case an Auctiva vertical gallery is being displayed.

Auctiva and Vendio provide the code for their free galleries which can be used to display them where you want instead of being automatically added to your item listings.

Item Title Can Go Here (Starter Template 32)

About this sample:

FreeForm's Frame Builder and Builder'B' advanced feature 'below Frame Builder frames' capabilities are used to display a framed header above an unframed page body.  The idea is to create a separation between what goes in the header (which can be anything you desire) and an item description which would go into the unframed body of the page.

In the body FreeForm's Builder'B' two column layout capability is used to display a scrolling gallery to the left.

As with all the sample starter templates you are free to change colors, re-arrange content, add or remove content, use your own graphics and backgrounds, etc.  The samples are intended to inspire you with ideas and to demonstrate different types of layouts you can create using FreeForm.  You are not required or expected to use them exactly as they are set up here.

When it comes down to it you can also depend on Rob for assistance with details such as creating links and fine tuning arrangements.  FreeForm includes the ability to save everything you create within FreeForm itself.  That enables sharing what you are working on with Rob who can then access and help 'hands on' to achieve what you desire.

FreeForm only produces HTML known to be compatible with eBay.  That combined with Rob's 10 years experience helping eBay sellers and FreeForm's wonderful flexibility virtually guarantees learning to use FreeForm will be time well spent.

Beginning with the picture above, the two column layout portion of the  page is ended to free up the entire width for photos and text.  With FreeForm you can begin and end two column layouts wherever desired to maximize use of the page, most importantly to display larger photos if you desire.

If a layout like this will be used on eBay consider assigning a width of 940 pixels up in Global Features to make it work well in eBay's new selling page expected to be launched early 2009.

This Text Input Area is sized at 750 pixels, a width at which paragraphs of text are easier to read than when stretched across wider areas.  750 pixels is a width that will fit on virtually every shopper's screen so it is good to limit interior content of your layouts, including photos, to 750 pixels wide or less.  Assigning a width to Text Input Areas also provides a margin on the left and right to prevent them from bumping into the edges of the page or frame.

With FreeForm you may alter the size and formatting of text as desired including using a WYSIWYG interface to format individual words as needed.

To display text to the right of photos you do not necessarily need to use two columns.  Here the convenient Join with Text feature of Picture Input Areas is used.  In this example a height is assigned to the text area matching the height of the photo which causes the top of the text to align with the top of the photo.

In the long run, more important than the capability to create templates, FreeForm provides a convenient interface for using what you have created.

As you build individual item descriptions or web pages you can alter your layouts 'on the fly' to accommodate more or less photos, more or less text areas.  Replace, add, remove, anything desired while leaving the parts that do not need to be altered alone.  All without having to learn or edit HTML.

You can leave placeholders in your templates by inserting any type of Input Area at any location without entering anything into it.  Rather than continuously inserting or removing Input Areas you may just blank out the entry areas and FreeForm ignores them in Preview and when producing the HTML results.

Below, a two column layout is used to display sections side by side.  Notice the sections can stack independently in each column and don't need to butt up against each other or the sides.  Accomplishing that using HTML code directly would be quite confusing but FreeForm makes it simple.

Text Input Areas can be assigned a color or a background wallpaper.  A wallpaper is used for each section heading below.  Of course, the contents of each section are entirely up to you or you could remove any or all of them completely.

Payment and Shipping
We reserve the right to decline Paypal payment with unverified account or unconfirmed address.

We ship daily except Sundays and USPS (US Postal Service) holidays.

Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO, and PR customers -- We can ship by USPS PRIORITY MAIL only.

S&H (Shipping and Handling charge) represent the actual cost of shipping, packing material, and labor only.

We strongly recommend purchasing of the optional shipping insurance.  If insurance is not purchased, we will not be responsible for shipping loss or physical damage, or loss of S/H when product is received defective which may be caused by shipping damage.

Non-USA International Customers:

Many countries have a Value Added Sales Tax VAT, which is charged when an item crosses into their border.  VAT is charged in addition to applicable duties. It's the buyer's responsibility to know how much tax and duties will be charged. We will not declare your package as a gift.

Return Policy
Thirty (30) day money back guarantee with no restocking fee (S/H is not refundable). Buyers are responsible for all shipping charges on return items.  There is no other warranty service other than this thirty day money back service.

Service You Can Trust
We have over XXXXXX (and growing) positive feedback's from happy customers because we sell good products, we are honest, and we stand behind our policies.

If you have any questions at all please  write to us via the eBay messaging system.

Thank you!

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