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My items on eBay
Please Visit Our Other eBay Listings

Thank You
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This is TEMPLATE 29

This Template can be loaded into FreeForm and adapted to your needs by using the FreeForm Builder:

1. Visit
2. Launch FreeForm
3. Launch the Advanced Builder
4. In the Builder page to the right of where you see ''Load Up the Builder With'' click on ''The Library''
5. You'll find a folder named Templates that will have this one in it

Instructions for using this particular template:

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In Text Input Area 1 use the WYSIWYG feature to replace the sample logo with your own logo, then while still in the WYSIWYG interface align the logo left.  Then fill in your own store or seller information.  If you don't have your own logo, in the WYSIWYG click on the sample one then press Delete on your keyboard.

Text Input Area 2 is being used as a spacer with the single dot in it to even up the border of the header section.

Be sure to fill your eBay ID into the Auctions Link Input Area 13 where you see 'Your eBay ID Goes Here', or Remove that input Area from the Builder.

If you want to link instead to an eBay Store insert a Website Input Area then fill in the URL to the store.

If you want to link to your About Me page insert a Website Input Area then fill in your eBay ID.

If you want to create an email link, insert an Email Link Input Area.

The nature of FreeForm is that you are able to make any changes you desire to a template as you work with it in the Builder.  You are welcome to do so then save as your own FreeForm template by use of the links provided in the Preview page.

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