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It is my pleasure to introduce you to FreeForm via this auction listing.  It is a wonderfully flexible on-line tool for creating custom auction templates and descriptions for eBay or any other service that accepts HTML descriptions.  You can easily create professional looking auction templates for eBay or elsewhere including as many pictures as you like, web site links, email links, links to your eBay About Me page, links to your other eBay auctions, background wallpapers, framed borders, background colors, and text colors.  You can save up to 20 different descriptions for use as your own custom auction templates.  

FreeForm has been in place on for years, and although it is normally supported by voluntary contributions of $1.00 per month, please do bid on this auction!  There's absolutely no risk involved.  If you win and find that FreeForm isn't right for you, just say the word and I will issue a refund no questions asked.

Why FreeForm?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the programming language of the World Wide Web (AKA Internet) and is allowed by eBay for use in auction descriptions.  Use of HTML enables presentations consisting of formatted text, color, and images (graphics and pictures/photos).  The alternative to learning HTML is to engage the help of programs designed as tools to create the HTML.  FreeForm is such a tool with the unique distinction of being designed specifically for creating customized HTML auction descriptions/templates for use on eBay.

Rather than needing to purchase and choose among a potentially unlimited variety of pre-designed templates and then fussing with the HTML yourself, with FreeForm you provide the ingredients and the program builds the HTML around it.
FreeForm includes libraries of over 100 public domain background wallpapers, a library of email link images, works well with ANY picture / image hosting service that provides public access, and even includes a built in point and click interface to pictures stored with many services including EAPH (Easy Auction Picture Hosting).  EAPH and FreeForm combined are a good solution for sellers who are particular about their auction presentations but don't have the time or inclination to learn HTML nor to deal with complicated hosting services.
The only way to avoid using (and paying for) eBay Picture hosting is to secure your own hosting and include pictures within the body of your eBay descriptions.  Via FreeForm you may include as many pictures as you want in descriptions in whatever size works best for your items.  The photo of the figurine below is shown only as an example of how pictures can easily be embedded into auction descriptions via FreeForm.  Photos may be adjusted to display with different sizes and/or as click for larger version links.  Almost anything you see in other auctions that has impressed you is possible with FreeForm.

FreeForm includes a WYSIWYG Editor component that you can use to super customize your presentations including inserting photos or graphics right in with text, varying text size, color, and font.

Note: Using the WYSIWYG editor component requires
Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher.

Be sure to click the links below before bidding.  Check out several of the thousands of currently running eBay auctions created using the program to see the freedom of expression FreeForm enables, learn the history of FreeForm, and even try the program free of charge!
Winning this auction entitles you to as many months usage of FreeForm as the bidding goes up to at $1.00 per month.  I'm very proud of this tool I've created for eBay sellers but I do understand that no single tool can be the best solution for everyone.  I won't abandon you if you ask for help nor will I hesitate for a moment to issue a refund if you ask for that instead.  That's my personal guarantee.
Thanks for visiting and good luck with your auctions! ~Rob

Easy Auction Picture Hosting

The above template is such as you would find at sites that offer templates to help create attractive presentations.  The difference with FreeForm is that this template is only the beginning of what you can accomplish.  Text colors, backgrounds, layered frames, borders, images, are all under your control to switch around and substitute as desired.  Insert more or less pictures and text, adjust text sizes, adjust fonts, adjust picture sizes, whatever you want.

If this template hurts your eye's, I apologize.  As an artist I make a good programmer!  Over the years I've seen designs created using FreeForm that far exceed what I am capable of producing.  But, based on the frequent requests for templates I'm giving it my best shot.  Please forgive me!  :)

If this template happens to be close to what you envision for your item presentations, eBay About Me page, eBay Store Custom Pages, or even for designing your own web site pages you are welcome to use it as your starting point.  This template was created with the regular Builder.  In the Builder Page you will find this template via ''The Library'' link immediately to the right of where you see ''Load Up the Builder With:'', in the Templates folder, in the container named ''Template 21''.

Created using the FreeForm Builder at with Help and Hosting