This auction is an offer to use my ''FreeForm Auction Description and Template Builder'' for one month with a minimum bid of only $1.00.  I believe strongly in ''try before you buy'' so I urge you to visit my AboutMe page or click on the FreeForm link at the bottom of this presentation to learn more and try it out before placing a bid.  Winning this auction includes my assistance, as much as you need, in creating your first customized attractive and effective template using FreeForm.

For years FreeForm has been helping sellers produce attractive designs for their auction and store item presentations.  On any given day there are many thousands of them running on eBay.  I've chosen a dramatic style for this one by use of the Frame Builder Tool and graphics included in FreeForm's libraries.  How you use the Builder is only limited by your creativity in putting the pieces together.

If you have an Internet host on which to store your own graphics, you may readily incorporate them into your designs.  FreeForm provides for saving what you create as your own personal templates to use for all your presentations, including eBay About Me pages, eBay Store pages, and within web pages on your own website.

This is an excellent medium for adapting fixed layouts or graphic sets acquired elsewhere into flexible templates you can actually use.  You can easily insert or remove photos and text without needing to alter or edit HTML.  

Beyond the pretty, using a service such as FreeForm also has a very practical purpose.  If you have an Internet host on which to store your photos, with FreeForm you may display them in whatever size and quantity you desire within the body of your presentations.  That importantly keeps you completely in control over the quality of their appearance ... and you don't need to pay eBay a penny when displaying them within descriptions.
The example photos above and below are hosted at my Easy Auction Picture Hosting (EAPH.com) service where I've created tools that make it easy to optimize photos for use in auctions including application of the fuzzy edges you see here.  EAPH membership is separate from FreeForm and not included in this auction for use of FreeForm.  FreeForm does not require use of the EAPH service but you must have an Internet host to display images in the body of descriptions.  EAPH just makes that easier...
Besides the many ''live'' examples you will find on eBay, FreeForm includes Samples and Examples including the ''ingredients'' used to create this particular presentation.  Those are great to use as a starting point toward creating your own unique layouts.  I urge you to visit my AboutMe page or click on the FreeForm link at the bottom of this presentation to learn more and try it out before placing a bid.

I want you to understand, FreeForm is an online service -- nothing to download and nothing to install -- and winning this auction will not result in software being sent to you!  If you win this auction I do, however, pledge my commitment to help you create a customized, attractive, and effective template using FreeForm.  If at any point in the process, you are in any way unhappy just say the word and I'll issue a refund with no argument.  With that in mind, please do return here to place a bid!!
Before bidding, please first
click here to visit my
eBay AboutMe Page

Thank You! ~ Rob

The above template is such as you would find at sites that offer templates to help create attractive presentations.  The difference with FreeForm is that this template is only the beginning of what you can accomplish.  Text colors, backgrounds, layered frames, borders, images, are all under your control to switch around and substitute as desired.  Insert more or less pictures and text, adjust text sizes, adjust fonts, adjust picture sizes, whatever you want.

If this template hurts your eye's, I apologize.  As an artist I make a good programmer!  Over the years I've seen designs created using FreeForm that far exceed what I am capable of producing.  But, based on the frequent requests for templates I'm giving it my best shot.  Please forgive me!  :)

If this template happens to be close to what you envision for your item presentations, eBay About Me page, eBay Store Custom Pages, or even for designing your own web site pages you are welcome to use it as your starting point.  This template was created with the regular Builder.  In the Builder Page you will find this template via ''The Library'' link immediately to the right of where you see ''Load Up the Builder With:'', in the Templates folder, in the container named ''Template 19''.

Created using the FreeForm Builder at robshelp.com with EAPH.com Help and Hosting