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Ordering instructions go here including information about shipping. Whatever is needed to go along with making the purchase. Refer to the description below as needed. $17.99
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You would go on to describe your item just as though you were selling it on eBay or any other multi-seller venue.  Include as many pictures as you need to show off your item.  Create sections as needed for extended ordering instructions, etc.
I've noticed that web sites often do not take advantage of the capability to devote a whole page to a description of an item - including multiple pictures and intersperced textual content such as is possible with FreeForm.  I believe that is largely due to ecommerce sites providing pre-packaged systems that simply do not have the flexibility.  Therein, I believe, is the advantage of ''doing it yourself'' with the aid of a tool like FreeForm.  More work, but much improved potential.
When creating your own web pages for selling you need to provide the same basic ingredients as those provided by ''systems''.  In the set of web page templates I've created here as examples for selling sites: Templates 15, 16, 17, and 18.  I've provided for consistent placement of links for navigation within the site, immediate access to the shopping cart, and a means to move back up the ''chain'' of pages via the links immediately above the galleries.

Home | Items For Sale | Contact Us | Privacy Statement | Shipping
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The above template is such as you would find at sites that offer templates to help create attractive presentations.  The difference with FreeForm is that this template is only the beginning of what you can accomplish.  Text colors, backgrounds, layered frames, borders, images, are all under your control to switch around and substitute as desired.  Insert more or less pictures and text, adjust text sizes, adjust fonts, adjust picture sizes, whatever you want.

If this template hurts your eye's, I apologize.  As an artist I make a good programmer!  Over the years I've seen designs created using FreeForm that far exceed what I am capable of producing.  But, based on the frequent requests for templates I'm giving it my best shot.  Please forgive me!  :)

If this template happens to be close to what you envision for your item presentations, eBay About Me page, eBay Store Custom Pages, or even for designing your own web site pages you are welcome to use it as your starting point.  Be sure to use the Advanced Builder.  In the Builder Page you will find this template via ''The Library'' link immediately to the right of where you see ''Load Up the Builder With:'', in the Templates folder, in the container named ''Template 18''.

Created using the FreeForm Builder at with Help and Hosting