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eBay allows one link from a Store or Auction listing to a web site page that further describes the item being sold.  Provided the item being sold reasonably requires additional description you may take advantage of that to help gain exposure to your web site.

The additional description page must be primarily devoted to additionally describing that one item for sale.  The page may not contain other items that are not for sale on eBay.  It may, however, contain links to other pages that contain items not for sale on eBay.

Before creating a page such as this and linking to it from an item listing on eBay it is very important to study eBay's rules very carefully.

If you have a web site that you sell from as well as from eBay this template is an example of what you can create using FreeForm for publishing on your web site.  In FreeForm's Preview menu you would use the Publish on EAPH or Make into a Web Page options.  

This example makes use of the WYSIWYG feature of Text Input Areas to create the header and menu to other pages at the top, as well as sprinkle in the small photos.  The WYSIWYG provides for creating links to pages anywhere on the web.  I did not, however, apply links in this example.  My fear always in doing so is that you might use a template I've created as a starting point for designing your own page layouts and forget to change the links.

Aside from gaining exposure to your web site from eBay customers, the practice of creating product information pages is likely also to eventually help draw traffic from the Internet.  The same principle applies to almost any item for sale:  Treat it as a ''subject'' as opposed to an ''item''.  Write as much textual content as you can describing the usage, the history, the purpose, the evolution, the making of, the varieties -- everything you can think of.  The goal is to make your page an authority and resource on the subject of that item.

When you think you are finished, go back through and substitute in as necessary all the words and phrases you can think of that someone might use to find your ''subject'' on the Internet.

The one lasting standard for the Internet that remains from its inception is that it is a medium for sharing information.  Fill your pages with information and eventually the search engines will begin to place your pages higher in search results.

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The above template is such as you would find at sites that offer templates to help create attractive presentations.  The difference with FreeForm is that this template is only the beginning of what you can accomplish.  Text colors, backgrounds, layered frames, borders, images, are all under your control to switch around and substitute as desired.  Insert more or less pictures and text, adjust text sizes, adjust fonts, adjust picture sizes, whatever you want.

If this template hurts your eye's, I apologize.  As an artist I make a good programmer!  Over the years I've seen designs created using FreeForm that far exceed what I am capable of producing.  But, based on the frequent requests for templates I'm giving it my best shot.  Please forgive me!  :)

If this template happens to be close to what you envision for your item presentations, eBay About Me page, eBay Store Custom Pages, or even for designing your own web site pages you are welcome to use it as your starting point.  Be sure to use the Advanced Builder.  In the Builder Page you will find this template via ''The Library'' link immediately to the right of where you see ''Load Up the Builder With:'', in the Templates folder, in the container named ''Template 15''.

Created using the FreeForm Builder at with Help and Hosting